Wholesale landscaping & agricultural products made from 100% recycled materials


All the green waste and materials at GreenGo are ground up and produced at the highest quality and care throughout every stage of the mulch and compost process. At GreenGo, we strive to make the highest quality landscaping and agricultural products from 100% recycled material. Almost all of our mulch and compost products are produced on-site to ensure the best care and quality for every square-inch.


Recycle your green waste for landscaping & agricultural treasure

GreenGo is committed to turning your green waste into wholesale landscaping and agriculture treasure. At GreenGo, we recycle and remove the green materials from your waste and transform it into compost and mulch products for wholesale landscaping and agricultural needs across Aiken and the CSRA. GreenGo has a 5-yard minimum on waste and mainly focuses on acquiring large amounts (dump truck/tractor-trailer) of waste. There is an additional charge for GreenGo to take any waste below the 5-yard minimum.


GreenGo is a level 2 compost facility that extracts almost all of the wood, grass clippings, leaves, and green materials from the waste that comes through our gates and turns it into compost and mulch products available for wholesale.


“There’s no negative to recycling…this is a feel-good business & I’m happy to have started GreenGo almost 8 years ago.”

– Ryan Williams, Owner


Having access to the best wholesale landscaping and agricultural products offered at GreenGo not only provides the best results but saves you money in the long run.

Save money all while saving the planet with our 100% recycled and natural landscaping and agricultural materials
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