The GreenGo Recycling Process

All the green waste and materials at GreenGo are ground up and produced at the highest quality and care throughout every stage of the mulch and compost process. At GreenGo, we strive to make the highest quality landscaping and agricultural products from 100% recycled material. All of our mulch and compost products are produced on-site to ensure the best care and quality for every square-inch.


GreenGo is proud to partner with the cities of Aiken and North Augusta in recycling and transforming their green waste into the highest quality mulch and compost products for our clients. By partnering with the Aiken and North Augusta cities, we can recycle all of their green waste and keep it out of the county landfills, providing more space and a cleaner environment.


Mulch products at GreenGo


GreenGo recycles the green waste on-site that comes into our landfill that we can validate is 100% green and recyclable materials. We primary grind the green waste through four screens before letting it sit and then grind it again at 2-inch or minus to provide smaller-ground mulch to be easily spread in the application and an overall better-finished product. Our grinders add color enhancer inside the chambers to ensure the highest quality mulch products so that when it goes in a natural material, it emerges as a finished product.


At GreenGo, we are dedicated to providing the best mulch and compost products to our clients. Our mulch is enhanced with a premium color that is non-toxic and holds its color longer than other competitor mulch products.


Compost products at GreenGo


The compost products at GreenGo is the most nutrient-filled compost available in the Aiken area and across the CSRA. At GreenGo, we use microorganisms to break the compost down in our windrows that inoculates and produces the highest quality and most nutrient-filled compost in the area. Once we screen our compost and make it available for sale, the microorganisms still work vigorously even after application to help build up the foundational soil wherever you choose to use it.


By using microorganisms, GreenGo can cut down on equipment use and carbon emissions, ultimately contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Wholesale landscaping & agricultural products made from 100% recycled materials
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