All the green waste and materials at GreenGo are ground up and produced at the highest quality and care throughout every stage of the composting process. At GreenGo, we strive to make the highest quality landscaping and agricultural products from 100% recycled material. All of our compost products are produced on-site to ensure the best care and quality for every square-inch.


Compost products at GreenGo


The compost products at GreenGo are the most nutrient-filled compost available in the Aiken area and across the CSRA! At GreenGo, we use microorganisms to break the compost down in our windrows that inoculates and produces the highest quality and most nutrient-filled compost in the area. Once we screen our compost and make it available for sale, the microorganisms still work vigorously even after application to help build up the foundational soil wherever you choose to use it.


By using microorganisms, GreenGo can cut down on equipment use and carbon emissions, ultimately contributing to the preservation of the environment.


5/8 Compost – $23/yard (8 yard min)

  • Screened once, thicker
  • typically used for planting (needs to be, cultivated with other soils)

3/8 Compost – $25/yard (8 yard min)

  • Screened twice, finer
  • typically used for top dressing (needs to be cultivated with other soils)

Organic Plant Blend – $25/yard (8 yard min)

  • Contain 5/8 compost, pine fines, and mortar sand

Screened Topsoil – $15.50/ton (2-ton min)

  • Sifted and rich in nutrients, useful 11n landscaping applications, flower beds and yards.

Organic Top-Dressing Blend – $25.00/ton (2-ton min)

  • Contains mortar sand (70%) and 3/8 compost 30 %)

Please contact us for bulk pricing on materials. 

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Get the highest-quality, non-toxic mulch products at GreenGo


GreenGo is a Class 3 compost facility that extracts almost all of the wood, grass clippings, leaves, and green materials from the waste that comes through our gates and turns it into compost products available for wholesale. The compost offered by GreenGo is the highest quality landscaping and agricultural products available in the Aiken and Augusta area. GreenGo offers delivery to our clients within a 120-mile radius around Graniteville.


Wholesale compost products made from 100% recycled materials
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